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Dils Book Review: Unhinged by Omarosa Manigault

Although Omarosa Manigualt's claims she felt uneasy about Donald Trump after she heard about the n word video her actions do not reflect that. Manigualt started keeping records since 2016 when Trump was running for president, her video of Michael Cohen boarding an airplane show how detail oriented she is from filming the precise moment he boards to making sure he aknowleges her before he takes his seat.

 Cohen through out the video was uneasy his body language was uncomfortable he attempted to by pass by Manigualt but missed his chance when she told him he was being recorded. He waved at her in a relunctant way and went to his seat fast before she could say another word. This action by Cohen has lead me to wonder if perhaps he knew about Manigualt's recording ways and this is why he tried to avoid her because he wanted no part in it.

Besides Cohen, Manigualt also released  her conversation with Trump after being fired. In the book this dialogue sounds strange how could Trump n…